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When I started coaching with John I was struggling with issues surrounding a recent break up. I had direction in other areas of my life but this one I felt lost in. I really wanted to just stop thinking about my ex!

During my 9 sessions with John I achieved insight into my own behaviours which were not helping me get past what I needed too. John showed me how these insights could have me first take responsibility around the parts I played in the break up and how I could handle the future. Even more than that John inspired me to replace the behaviours that were really not helping with ones that have helped and continue too. After our time together I feel more peace around the break up. I am empowered in new patterns of thinking around the relationship I have with myself and others.

John has extensive experience in the world of relationships. If you are experiencing seperation with a loved one or even want to take what you have to a better 'higher' level, my experience is that he is your man!


Hello John

Thank you so much for coaching me over the period of 6 weeks. At times, I did not always feel up to the task but went through with the process and came out all the better for it. As the weeks went by, I slowly saw a plan of action unfolding and realized that it was I myself holding me back. With your patience and sure footed guidance, I was able to navigate through the mangle of thoughts I had and you were able to help me simplify what it is that I want by drilling down to the core and essence of who I am and what I want. Even though one of the sessions was quite difficult for not "intellectualize" everything, I was able to come through and it all made a lot of sense. I especially enjoyed your personal shares to illustrate what you were trying to get across.

I also want to thank you for going out of your way to offer your support even after the sessions had concluded.

Thank you so very much again and I wish you every success in the future.


I am new to Perth and started life coaching with the hope that at the end of it, it would have helped me to find a way to meet new people and maybe even someone special. Through John's coaching and advice, I have gone from someone who was very limited in 'how' they met new people to someone who now has so many new people to choose from. John has helped me open up my world and it has changed my life! I have even met a wonderful man who could very well be the right man for me.


Before the coaching experience with John I was feeling rather lost and dispirited, due to experiencing a separation from my wife. She was leaving me after close to 6 years of us living together.

Through the coaching sessions I was able to reflect on the situation I found myself in, gaining a better sense of perspective about it. I was then able to focus more fully on the things that mattered most, ultimately achieving a renewed sense of direction and resolve in moving ahead.

As a result of working with John, I now feel more encouraged and positive about the future.

I would recommend John Cirak from The EX-perienced Bachelor to anyone seeking a way forward through a difficult period in their life.

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