Sugar Daddies And Sugar Babies

It’s nothing new, wealthy men have always bought desirable women. Prostitution is the oldest profession and it caters for every socio/economic level, from the street walker, the brothel worker, the call girl, the escort, to the sugar baby. The only variance is the cost of the service.

Using producers of the show as undercover spies, A Current Affair ran a 12 minute ‘expose’ titled Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies as if it were some new phenomenon, Big deal. Like we didn’t know that Geoffrey Edelsten’s wives were madly in love with him, right? That he was a total hunk and a stud in the cot, right?

The show featured middle aged, Roger Siva, the head chef at La Republica, a well know Sydney restaurant. Roger was sporting a clean shaved head, huge diamond earrings in both ears, a portly waistline, an expensive sports car and told us that “the girl I’m dating right now is a law student”. Sorry Roger, when you pay her cash at the end of the night it’s not a date.

None of this surprises me, but frankly, I find it sad that these men think so little of their masculine abilities and opt out to buy and exploit women who in most cases are too young to understand how their poor choices now, will affect their future.

Nor does it surprise me that Roger was willing to be so open about his identity on national television (although I think he may be a bit surprised that they included where he works and the reaction of La Republica to being included in his 15 minutes of fame on national tv). Poor Roger needs all the validation he can muster to validate his own poor choices.

So, why do they do it?

Well, the best explanation I’ve heard was from an anthropologist who said that in order for humans to survive as a species, nature hardwired a set of simple directives, into our DNA, provide, protect, procreate. The female requires this to nurture the offspring until they can be independent and she will choose the male who can best fulfill the prime directives. If he was able to hunt and provide shelter he was third of the way there. If he was strong enough to beat off attackers he was two thirds there and if he was good looking and attractive he’s home and hosed.

Those prime directives are still hard wired in us today. However because we no longer live in a life or death environment being able to provide (wealth) means we can outsource the second (lawyers) and disregard the third.

It’s a shame because if these men better understood their masculinity and how the prime directives work they wouldn’t need to buy women by the hour, day or week.

The Apprentice Bachelor program covers this and a lot more.

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