Have you ever said to yourself…“what does she see in that jerk?”

What makes a man stand out to women from across the room?

Why do women swoon when some men speak, but not others?

What is it that makes women feel like HE IS THE ONE I’m taking home?

The answer is that it’s many things but assertiveness underpins them all. Assertiveness is one of the most attractive traits a man can have to be successful in courtship and the game of life.

Women find assertiveness very attractive in a man. They respond to men who are certain of their actions (or appear to be so), even when those actions may be foolish, dangerous, or different. Being attracted to “Bad Boy” characters is a very common example of this attraction. You may have found yourself asking “what does she see in that jerk?”. This is often because bad boys appear certain of themselves.

The good news is you don’t have to become a “bad boy” character to be attractive to women. This attitude is something some men find difficult to adopt leaving them less attractive to the opposite sex.

The key is to foster a Masculine Attitude based on an attitude of certainty. From this certainty flows assertiveness, which is attractiveness manna for most women.

Certainty and assertiveness are two sides of the same coin and is best defined as the confident execution of your convictions and living your values. Being certain of your actions leads to assertiveness and it’s not difficult to cultivate as long as it’s not confused with stubbornness.

Know what you want, be true to your values, be comfortable with who you are and you’ll be well on your way towards fostering a Masculine Attitude based on certainty and assertiveness.

Do you consider yourself to be assertive with women?

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