Confident Men are Attractive

Your level of confidence is determined by many factors that make up who you are. Many of these you can’t change.

You can’t change your height or your skin color or how much hair you have left, or whether you had a hard upbringing.

But… You can change what you have control over.

You can change:

How much you weigh – commit to a healthier diet.

Your physical condition – commit to a fitness program

Your hairstyle – go to a stylist not a cut price barber

Your posture – take on Pilates or Yoga

Your tattoos, or piercings – remove them

Your choice of friends – are they really your friends?

Your manners and etiquette – read about it, take classes

Your level of personal hygiene – shower, shave, brush, floss, use deodorant, every day whether you think you need it or not. You can never be TOO clean!

How you walk – be aware of it, look at yourself in the mirror

How you shake hands – learn the correct way

How you dress – you’re neither The Fonz nor the pensioner

How you treat other people – take a personal development course

Where you live – move or improve

What you drive – if you can’t change it… clean and polish it

What you talk about – be current, listen to the news, other interesting people.

When you are in control of the aspects about yourself, that you CAN control, your confidence goes way up.

It’s no use moaning that it’s hard or can’t afford it because the reality is that you CAN if you truly want it.

None of the items listed require anything other than determination on your part. You don’t have to do all of them at once and some of them may not even apply to you but don’t fool yourself, ask someone else for input.

Choose what it is about yourself that you would prefer to be better, determine how you’d like it to be better and commit to changing it.

Prioritize your list with what you feel is most important for you to be different and start with that.

Don’t select the easiest.

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